Benefits of Organic Farming in Sicily

Benefits of Organic Farming in Sicily

Our Organic Farm in Sicily is proud to take care of the cultivation of different products, providing a short chain of supply that goes directly from us to you, from producer to consumer. There are tropical fruits, sicilian citrus fruits and let’s not to forget about Sicilian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, all these products that are provided for a short chain, with a mission to bring quality and freshness at the tables of our customers.

What are the benefits of our terrains?

At Canalotto Farm we know how important it is to offer Organic Fruit and Olive Oil EVO according to season, paying particular attention to the protection of the environment and land preservation. Due to it we are strictly following methods and techniques of bioagriculture at everyday basis.


What does organic farming mean? What does it mean exactly? If we refer to European standard 2092/91, that makes the basis guidelines for the production of organic fruit and vegetables, that’s what is defined as Bioagricoltura or Organic Agriculture. It contains a set of cultivation methods and techniques that
correspond to basic seasonality and natural rhythms of growth and maturation of fruits and vegetables.
This approach is based on proper care of terrains intended for agriculture, at the land where we agriculture it is strictly prohibited to use:
• non-natural fertilizers
• herbicides
• the usage of chemical and/or synthetic substances to treat plants.
Obviously when we talk about organic farming in Sicily we also talk about a system of controlled and protected production chain, that guarantees a product with genuine characteristics from cultivation to sale.


At Canalotto Farm we fully embrace the principles of organic farming in Sicily, not only to offer superbe and genuine products, but to protect the environment and preserve the land for future generations as well. Applying in our activity the principles of bioagriculture, for example, we have also implemented the rotation of crops in our soils, obtaining not only higher quality harvests in comparison with cultivation based on chemicals, but also healthier, as our organic tropical fruits of Sicily don’t contain pesticide, residues and chemicals.
Above-mentioned decision of non-chemical growing is very beneficial for our terrains. In fact, due to adopting bioagriculture techniques our fields are more fertile and productive even in periods of drought. The fields are totally natural and therefore the nutrients in the soil remain in greater quantities, compared to those who practice a type of intensive agriculture that impoverishes the soil.

Thanks to organic farming our plants and the environment are strong and healthy. It allows us to obtain the highest quality crops, that would never have been achieved by us through conventional chemical-based techniques. Long live to the nature and BIO!