Organic Sicilian Mango: Good & Healthy

Organic Sicilian Mango: Good & Healthy

Organic Sicilian Mango is a perfect healthy tropical fruit, rich of beneficial properties and compounds!
Mango is considered to be “king of tropical fruits” for several reasons: its intoxicating scent, unique flavor, intense, sweet and spicy at the same time. Let’s not to forget about beneficial nutritional properties for health.
These are the reasons why this fruit is so much praised in the eastern countries. There is the Indian city Ahmedabad, where there is a festival dedicated to this fruit. We can find a lot of information in mythology and notice significant importance of the fruit. Kama, protagonist of the Kamasutra, whose hero is similar to Cupid, is the one who has been instilling the love in the hearts of men and gods, shooting
arrows soaked in mango flower oil.
Mango has been present in Asia for about 5,000 years and today has been cultivated in many parts of the world. Sicily, thanks to its micro-climate, is a perfect for the cultivation of this wonderful exotic fruit. When mango meets the right climate, as well as the organic cultivation techniques that enhance its nutritional
and beneficial properties, then it gets to be the “king of tropical fruits”!


Our organic Mango has been cultivated in Castelvetrano, where the climatic conditions and welcoming agricultural soil are perfect for this fruit. Our mango of Canalotto Farm, thanks to the care of organic farming, grows perfect and matures on the plant, ready to be harvested late August and the beginning of September.
Mango is harvested by hand to prevent from being damaged. When the fruit reaches the right point of ripening on the tree. For this reason, our mango has a unique and irresistible flavor!
Just store it in the fridge, so to preserve its flavor and its correct consistency.


Every 100 grams of mango pulp is equivalent to about 60 calories. It is rich of
nutritional properties and has numerous health benefits:

  • The fruit is rich of antioxidants, and therefore contains anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer capabilities;
  • Mango helps to fight with constipation, as it is rich of water and fiber that impact intestinal peristalsis;
  • It has diuretic effect and helps to fight with water retention;
  • Mango reduces diabetes;
  • It is rich of vitamins A, B and C and mineral salts such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, which reduce fatigue and represent important remedies against cough and flue;
  • Contains betacaroten, it therefore increases melanin production;
  • Mango has beneficial effects on blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease in general;
  • The fruit contains beneficial effects on the skin;
  • It reduces insomnia.