From the time of order to delivery of our organic produce


Canalotto Farm’s organic products are grown in Sicily open field, with the method of organic farming and sustainable techniques that They respect the environment. This applies to both our fresh produce and our produce packaged.

Collection at the time of Order

When you place your order, the products are collected, only after making sure that their proper ripening on the plant. That’s why we guarantee you maximum freshness of the product purchased.

Packaging and Shipping

The collected products are selected for The composition of your boxes, suitable for courier transport. The total weight per package is always expressed within the description of each product, as well as the shipping price.

Delivery And After-Sale

The products are transported by our company Organic Farm to your home, ensuring their proper preservation. At time of purchase, or even afterwards via whatsapp, you can indicate your own special delivery requirements.

Orders and Shipping

Orders are processed on Monday and Tuesday to facilitate the natural logistics of shipping processes via Express Courier. You will receive our products in boxes designed to preserve the quality and integrity of the goods.

Orders on our e-commerce are intended to be shipped to Italy and abroad, according to the price indications in the table on each individual product for sale.

In Italy, up to 15 kg of goods, shipping costs are € 15. For this reason, we advise our customers to optimize this expenditure by purchasing different products: both seasonal fruits and packaged products such as oil, olives and honey.

For further clarification, you can email in order to receive an optimized quotation.

Quality and Health

Buying organic products means eating healthy and, therefore, making the right choice for our health; the products, in fact, are free of pesticides and harmful chemicals, also provide more nutrition and have a more “real” and intense taste. In addition to this, buying organic means sustainability for the environment. So, it is a concrete way not only to improve our health, but also to Building a better future for generations to come. You are people who pay attention to the quality and origin of what you eat, and We are a certified organic farm, equally attentive to the Quality of what we grow and the Health of People and the Environment. Our fresh products can be stored in the refrigerator since they are foodstuffs of long duration. The products in the packages, in addition to indicating the nutritional values of which they are rich, carry the packaging and expiration date.