Canalotto Farm

Organic production and staying at our villas



Canalotto Farm is an organic farm located in southwestern Sicily, in Castelvetrano, a few kilometers from the Selinunte National Park and Selinunte and Menfi beaches as well.
The sicilian organic farm has been born in the 80s, from a passion for Nature and own “fruits”. In recent years it has increased a lot both a size and in number of types of crops as well but the method used is always organic farming.

There are many olive trees harvesting the tasty olive cultivar Nocellara and excellent PERFECTUM Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil where are produced from. There are numerous and at the same time lush citrus plantations, including oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tangerines and limes as well. There are plants of tropical fruits such as avocado, mango and guava as well. You may also see hives, due to those we are getting a particular honey of orange blossom.

These are Canalotto Farm products, known and appreciated not only in Italy, but also in Europe, for years by loyal customers and due to online sales as well. The Company’s mission is to respect the nature and to promote psychophysical well-being. Therefore Canalotto Farm has been cultivating, within the method of organic farming, products rich of healthy nutritional substances. Optionally, Canalotto Farm offers the possibility of LIVING AT THE FARM! In fact, 5 beautiful Villas of Geocharme Luxury Collection are located right inside the organic farm. There is a swimming-pool in each villa and they are all enough distant that ensures privacy and confidentiality.

Staying in the middle of our farm is a unique possibility to experience the scents, flavors within the periods of fruits harvesting. Find out more and Book on 
GOOD and BEAUTIFUL meet here to be experienced simultaneously at the territory of our company.

experience with canalotto farm

There are 5 Villas of Geocharme Luxury Collection located inside Canalotto Farm. Here you can stay, immersed in nature, admire and collect the fruits and have unforgettable experience of organic products and follow their cultivation.



The company quality depends on human resources professionalism, their skills and passion, on the processes organized and coordinated with a precise and strict manner
as well. Canalotto Farm is a company made by people who knows what is the well-being and the beauty, having a passion for organic farming and hospitality.



The geological-structural, hydrogeological and climatic characteristics of this part of Sicily (Castelvetrano/Selinunte) favor the various cultivations that we are growing in the company. The soils are mainly red and brown; the soils are rich of water for irrigation; climate from September to April is mild and arid from April to September.
All above-indicated issues and methods of organic farming, therefore delicate and rational caring of the land as well and the periodic pruning of trees and plants make
our soils very fertile.


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