Mixed Boxes of Packaged Products


Mixed Boxes of Packaged Products

SELECTION 1: 2 Citrus Jam + 2 Honey + 2 Mango Jams
SELECTION 2: 3 Citrus Jam + 3 Mango Jams
SELECTION 3: 3 Honey + 3 Citrus Jam
SELECTION 4: 3 Honey + 3 Mango Jams
SELECTION 5: 6 Oil bottles 500ml + 3 Olive jars



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Mixed Boxes of Packaged Products allow you to choose two or three types of Packaged Products together to enjoy different combinations according to everyone’s tastes and needs.

Selections rich in taste and freshness guaranteed Canalotto Farm.

Tasty combinations of Extra Mango Jam, Zagara Honey, Extra Orange and Mandarin Marmalade, and Nocellara Olives in brine.

  • Jam and marmalade are 100 percent natural products, with lots of Sicilian fruit and very little sugar, with no dyes, additives or preservatives. Perfect for spreading on bread, rusks, or using as a filling for cakes and cookies.
  • The honey is of the highest quality: it is produced by Sicilian black bees, whose hives are within the Canalotto Farm Organic Farm. Its flavor is unique and reminiscent of orange and lemon blossom. Perfect as a sweetener in tea, coffee, and herbal teas, but also for baking.
  • Finally, the Organic Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the salty taste of Organic Nocellara del Belice Olive in Brine: oil with the scent of freshly harvested olives, slightly bitter and spicy, and the prized PDO-certified Sicilian olives, hand-picked, selected and processed in simple brine.

A mix of flavors and specialties to keep in your pantry!

Origin Italy | Sian no. 0123448 | Category I | EN BIO 004

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Weight 6 kg

Selection 1, Selection 2, Selection 3, Selection 4, Selection 5


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